" If you sell, you are a jeet and jeets get REKT!"
- Warren Buffett

What is CCIS

The Best Meme Token on Binance Smart Chain

CCIS is a digital MEME Token with an emphasis on Defi innovation, providing value and benefits to the $CHEF token holders. Our BUSD Reflection Rewards(B.R.R) protocol integrated within the $CHEF token is designed to reward your investment for holding on to our token. An easy process of buy-hold-earn that will grow your wallet exponentially.

- Accumulate Rewards - through each buy and sell.
- Best Reward Rate - 7%
- Simple buy-hold-earn & repeat pattern to grow your wallet

What is Virtus?
CCIS Protocol

What can I earn?

You can expect to receive $BUSD Token rewards , token holders can receive $BUSD just by holding with a 7% BUSD Reward Rate.


- Ensure price appreciation in the long-term and maintain the value of our supply, we will strategically reduce the overall quantity available. .


How It Works

$CHEF Token

$CHEF is a Bep 20 token with a low supply and BUSD Rewards Rate formula, thus keeping its value on an appreciating curve. One of the best buy-hold-earn tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network.


To maintain the liquidity, the CCIS auto liquidity pool triggers a response every 48 hours and injects liquidity in the market. With each trade, there is a 3% tax levied on both buyer and seller by the CCIS protocol. This fund is used up to buy $BNB and $CHEF at a 50/50 ratio to provide liquidity when the investors sell off.

BUSD Reward Rate (B.R.R)

7% of all trading fees are stored in the Dividend Contract. this fund forms the backbone of the CCIS protocol, backing the Project with Rewards.


This treasury constitutes an important part of the Auto-Liquidity Pool. It provides an extra cushion of insurance to our token incase of a very sharp sell-off. In addition to that, the treasury fund is used to create extra services and products and pay for marketing campaigns for the protocol


To ensure a floor price for the $CHEF token, $CHEF Tokens are burnt off regularly to shrink the circulating supply and keep the price stable. The regular burn ensures the value of the token remains intact.

Token stats


12% Slippage
15% Slippage
3% of order fees return to liquidity
3% of order fees return to liquidity
CCIS BUSD Dividend Fund
7% of order fees are stored in the Dividend Contract
CCIS BUSD Dividend Fund
7% of order fees are stored in the Dividend Contract
CCIS Treasury
2% of order fees go to the treasury
CCIS Treasury
5% of order fees go to the treasury
CCIS Burner
Token Burns will be done manual, which means no added fees.
CCIS Burner
Token Burns will be done manual, which means no added fees.


CCIS is a Meme Token with an emphasis on Defi innovation. $Chef is a new fascinating Meme protocol that makes earning simple, safer, and gives rewards to the $Chef token holders with a reward Rate of 7%. We are committed to deliver the highest Quality Memes and Rewards to our Holders.

CCIS Rewards gives the $Chef token holders a 7% reward Rate just by holding, and with a low supply and token burns we guarantee token value appreciation.
The CCIS BUSD Dividend feature is a simple yet elegant function called Buy-Hold-Earn and Repeat, that provides the ultimate ease of use for $Chef holders.

Buy-Hold-Earn & Repeat - By simply buying $Chef tokens and holding them in your wallet, you earn rewards directly into your wallet.
Using the unique buy-hold-earn feature, by simply buying tokens you'll earn BUSD Dividend without the need to stake or lock up your token. all is done thorugh our Dividend Contract and automatically sends Rewards to your wallet simply by HOLDING.

This means that without moving your tokens from your wallet, $Chef holders receive automatic rewards.
The $Chef token always stays in your BSC wallet. No need to move your tokens to our website. From the minute you buy, you are earning, and set to receive rewards. The simplest Buy-Hold-Earn in the DeFi industry.
Trading fees: 12% for buys and 15% for sells

CCIS Auto-LP - 3% of the trading fees goes to backing the liquidity of the BNB/Chef pair on PancakeSwap ensuring an ever-increasing collateral value of $Chef.

CCIS BUSD Dividend - 7% of the trading fees are stored in the CCIS BUSD Dividend Contract which rewards holders with BUSD.

CCIS Treasury - 2% buy fees & 5% Sell fees go directly to the treasury which supports the CCIS Project and provides a marketing budget for CCIS and funds new product development.